Not a Niçoise Salad

I’m pretty certain I’m not the only person counting down the sleeps till their holiday at the moment. (15 by the way)

And I’m not the only person on a health and fitness kick.

Health kicks mean the baking takes a side step (ah boo) and in swoops the salads and low carb dinners.

This salad inspired by Tuna Niçoise but not a Tuna Niçoise (no green beans or anchovies) is my “Go To” quick fix salad of the moment, all the ingredients are always in the flat and it feels indulgent, always a bonus when a salad is concerned.

For those following Weight Watchers this salad would cost you only 8 points.

Tuna, Egg & New Potato Salad
serves 1 

1 large Egg – I use Burford Browns with stunning golden yolks 3 ww points
Small 56g tin of tuna in springwater – drained 1 ww points
80g of boiled new potatoes – sliced 1 ww points 
25g olives 1 ww points
1 tbsp capers
handful of leaves of your choice – I use pea shoots
cucumber – halved, deseeded and sliced
cherry tomatoes – cut into wedges
radishes – cut into wedges

Dijon Vinaigrette

½ tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp olive oil 1 ww points
1 tsp white wine vinegar
pinch of salt
black pepper

This salad is very straight forward, so I only really need to tell you my technique to get my eggs looking like that!

I use the Jamie Oliver method from his Ministry of Food book and it’s never failed me.

Boil a pan of water – deep enough to cover your egg.

When the water starts to boil, add a pinch of salt – dip in a spoon for a few moments and using that spoon gently lower the egg into the water.

Cook for 7 minutes – once the 7 minutes are up – pop the egg into a bowl of ice-cold water.

Once cool – peel and cut into quarters.

Arrange your leaves on a plate, top with the chopped tomatoes, cucumber, radish – then the olives & capers, followed by the tuna, then potato and finally the sliced egg.

Using a fork lightly whisk the vinaigrette ingredients together and pour over your salad.




10 responses to “Not a Niçoise Salad

  1. That looks beautiful! And even better, it looks delicious. The only salads I’ve ever made have tasted like death and sadness. :(

    So to make hardboiled eggs, I must put in the egg AFTER the water begins boiling? I usually do it the other way around!

    • Thank you – I used to put the boil the water with the egg in and start the counter when the water boils, but I’d always overcook it and I like them gooey. :-)

  2. Looks delicious – and easy to make!

    I crave salads in warm weather, but never seem to be able to make them that interesting.

    Will have to have a try of this!

    – B

  3. those eggs look incredibly delicious!!
    be sure to check out the collaboration lifestyle blog between my twin sister and I that features everything that inspires us–from fashion to food!

    we would love it if you followed us & you can even get updates through our twitter @BKCsquared.

    B of BKCsquared

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