Weight Watchers – Week 2 Challenge

You wait three months for me to post and then all of a sudden you start getting my waffle everyday! Sorry about that.

Was going to bring you the Baked Beetroot Risotto recipe today but then the 2nd challenge appeared in my inbox and was requested to be shared with you now, so the risotto will simply have to wait.

So this weeks challenge – ‘Plan your meals’

I normally try to do a loose meal plan for the week but it’s usually very vague, a few scribblings on a bit of paper that I kinda stick with for the week. But last night I planned meals for 7 nights, worked out the pro points values for each and placed an order with Ocado to come today. Feeling very organised and a little like I could take on the world.

So here is my meal plan –


Spicy Prawn Pasta – 8pp


Mushroom Stroganoff with Brown Wild Rice – 10pp


Chilli Con Quorn – 12pp


Salmon with new potatoes & green veg – 8pp


Leftover Chilli with Baked Sweet Potato – 12pp


Steak with Mac n Cheese & Salad – 18pp

Will be dipping into my weeklies on this day, I have red wine planned too.
A tiny celebration for being good


Sweet Potato & Haddock Pie – 12pp

If you aren’t adverse to constant pictures of my dinner, you can follow my progress with this meal plan on Instagram – Roswensian

Here is last nights Spicy Prawn Pasta – which was VERY spicy but that’s good for your metabolism, right?


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