Weight Watchers – Week 3 Challenge

This weeks challenge was to ‘Shake Up Your Mornings’ – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we were challenged to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. To help us achieve our goal it was suggested we set up breakfast the night before, making it a quick and easy process before rushing out the door.

It’s a good challenge, however – I already eat a healthy breakfast every morning and as I work from home, there is no rushing out of the door. I eat when I am hungry and I have lots of different healthy options in the flat to suit all moods and appetites. I mostly eat porridge and have a selection of fruit and yogurt for when I am less hungry.

So without needing to change my routine I decided to share some of the breakfasts I have been enjoying since the New Year with you.


Porridge made with water, milled flaxseed & nut mix, banana, berries & maple syrup – 6pp
dash of skimmed milk, taken from daily allowance


Porridge made with water, milled flaxseed & nut mix, berries & lemon curd – 6pp
Skimmed milk taken from daily allowance


Porridge made with skimmed milk, berries, banana & lemon curd – 6pp


Stewed rhubarb & ginger, fat-free yogurt, milled flaxseed & nut mix, honey – 5pp


Porridge made with milk, fat-free yogurt, stewed rhubarb & ginger & honey – 8pp

I will continue to upload my breakfast pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #wwfooddiary – follow myself Roswensian & my fellow Weight Watchers for more healthy breakfast inspiration or have a look on the Weight Watchers website for further suggestions.

Before I go, take a look at the fabulous Hannah’s beautiful blog – The Littlest Bakehouse. She has a mind-blowing Pumpkin Porridge recipe, she is also responsible for opening my eyes to the joys of lemon curd in my porridge. I have named her my Porridge Guru.


3 responses to “Weight Watchers – Week 3 Challenge

    • It was very delicious but annoyingly I only made enough for 4 portions which between 2 people doesn’t last long enough. Need to find myself more Rhubarb. (You will always be the porridge guru to me)

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