Weight Watchers – Week 5 Challenge

Exercise – the necessary evil needed to aid weight loss.

But it doesn’t have to be about slaving away in the gym for hours, small changes can help shift those extra pounds too.

You hear it a lot, Be More Active – get off the bus one stop early, take the stairs instead of the lift or even standing for tasks that you usually sit for.

One of the parts of Weight Watchers pro points system that I believe really works, is earning activity points that top up your weekly allowance. If you know you have a big night out coming up, do some more exercise to compensate.

Weight Watchers challenged us to Move More, Sit Less and to demonstrate what we do to squeeze in more activity each week. I try to walk as much as possible but working from home sometimes the temptation to wrap up warm and stay in my PJs on the sofa can be too greater pull, especially when the wrong side of pay-day and I’m trying to not pop to the shop for extras.

One day last week while looking through my text messages, I realised I had forgotten to remind B that morning to take something he needed into work. I had 6 hours off between shifts and it was very sunny, perfect day for a long walk and also meant that we got to spend a cheeky 40 minutes together.

I searched on Walk It to plot a scenic route and armed with my pedometer, walking shoes and a snack – off I trotted.

The route from Bow to Victoria, took me down the Regents Canal, round the Limehouse basin and down the Thames to Big Ben and then a little bit further to B’s work – just over 7 miles, in just under 3 hours, earning me 6 activity points.


Here are a few of my walks highlights (I took a lot more pictures than this but realised I would bore the pants off you all and you would NEVER return) I had plenty of OH EM GEE, I live in London moments – happy to report after over 8 years of living here, those feelings still run strong.



New friend, who followed me a bit – going back this week to see if I can get more cuddles.







Snack of 1 Clementine & 20g Cashew nuts – 3 pro points




Do you have any tips of how to squeeze in more activity into your daily routine?

Check out Weight Watchers tips to get moving.


11 responses to “Weight Watchers – Week 5 Challenge

  1. Ros, this is amazing! I might set off on a walking adventure of Newcastle this week, armed with a little picnic. I think sometimes we forget how lovely the cities we live in are!

    • Thank you Nelly :-) It really dawned on me when I got to the touristy bits, loads of people all there to see things that I can see everyday if I put my back in to it!

  2. Wow, well done for doing all that walking, I actually love walking but I can only get so far without my fibromyalgia annoying me. And well done for not wanting something massive to eat after all that.

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