100 km challenge

The excellent Stephanie who runs the blog Riversidebaking started the 100km challenge along with a friend at the beginning of the year. The idea was to keep their running momentums going.

Along the way other people have joined the challenge and last month she had 10 devoted movers and I was one of them. I am proud to report my total for the month was 112.9km. This was made up of 96.1km of walking and I ran 16.8km. The aim for May is to increase the running portion.

Do you think you could complete this challenge? It doesn’t have to be running, can be cycling, walking, jogging, swimming… whatever gets you moving! Use the hashtag #100kmMay on twitter to follow our progress, let us know how you are getting on and we can all encourage each other.

This felt like the perfect opportunity to share some of my snaps from my many walks this month, I’m cheating with the first one – it was taken on Easter Sunday! During a walk into central London we decided to cross Tower Bridge – we could’ve timed it a bit better!

Tower Bridge

One of my favourite ways of getting myself out on a walk, is the promise of booze & crisps at some point! These were at The Pembury Tavern in Hackney on Easter Monday.

The Pembury Tavern

Living so close to the River Lea has some massive advantages, the best being you can walk from Tottenham to Bow without needing a map. It’s also quite beautiful.

White Hart Lane

Walthamstow Marshes

Oh look! A convenient drinking establishment – Crate Brewery.

Crate Brewery

Ballet pumps might look pretty but they are not suitable for long walks. I paid the price for these – a dodgy hip followed by a dodgy knee!

Ballet Shoes

Breakfast for a long walk, including breakfast dessert too!

Toasted Brioche, Avocado & Poached Egg

Toasted Brioche, Nutella & Banana

On Marathon day we walked from home, via mile 21 and then followed the course until the finish – all in all we walked just over 17kms. It felt like all of London were out to support the runners, more so than usual. Well done London, you did us proud and well done to all the amazing runners too. We past the supporters from the Run Dem Crew as the leaders from the women’s race came through mile 21. They were bursting with so much love it brought a little tear to my eye and that was before any of their runners had even been past, I can only imagine how crazy those scenes were!

Run Dem Crew

I had a day in the office this month for training and walked home afterwards, taking advantage of the Regents Canal.

City Road Lock

A short stroll to the shops in an April shower produces rainbows.


and running causes you to look pooped but that isn’t a reason to not run!


So join us in the 100 km challenge, make an excuse to get moving.


All these pictures were from my Instagram feed, so apologies to those who have seen them already – they are really for my Mum!

3 responses to “100 km challenge

  1. Fab post Ros! I definitely need to broaden my running horizons and pick some pretty places to go.

    Oh and I LOVE breakfast pudding, totally doing this. lol

  2. What gorgeous pictures. Those chorizo crisps are a dream aren’t they. I spend most of my running time thinking about my next meal, mentally preparing it all and planning meals for the week ahead. It’s the way forward I think. The great thing with #100kmMay is you can make it your own challenge. I track purely my running, others try to elongate their walk to work. Importantly, it doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’ll make 50km the first month, we all started somewhere!

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