Vanilla Buttermilk Crêpes with Roasted Maple Strawberries & Hazelnuts

Buttermilk Crepes with Roasted Maple Strawberries and Hazelnuts

WOO HOO! The long weekend has finally arrived!

But it looks like the weather didn’t get the memo. Am desperately trying to ignore the gloom, wind, damp and general meh-ness lurking outside of my window as I type this.

I know traditionally in the UK this is exactly how most of our bank holidays pan out but I was really hoping this one would be different.

Yes I know, the first bank holiday of May was beautiful but sadly I was working and this one I am not, sods law!

Talking of Sods Law I have good news for any of you going to Glastonbury this year. It’s going to be a SCORCHER – as I am not going. The only years without rain since 1999 (The year I first attended) have been the years I didn’t go (2002 & 2010) *Jinx Face*

St Mawes - Sadly not my view right now, rain is acceptable when the view is that good.

St Mawes – August 2012
Sadly not my view right now, rain is acceptable when the view is this good

Bank Holiday weekends (for me) are all about taking walks, sheltering from the rain in pubs/cafes, trying to have a picnic/BBQ, all day drinking on a Sunday and breakfast you can take your time over…

And what better breakfast than some tasty pancakes? (Flawless Link!)

These are adapted from the What Katie Ate cookbook – hers used wholemeal flour (which I didn’t have any of) were for more people (also didn’t have any of them) and were served with a citrus compote but DAGNABBIT! It’s May – I want Strawberries.

Oh and I added in Vanilla which kinda makes the crêpes taste like custard, which in my book has got to be a good thing. RIGHT?

Buttermilk Crepes

Vanilla Buttermilk Crêpes
with Roasted Maple Strawberries & Hazelnuts

adapted from What Katie Ate
serves 2 greedy people or 4 less greedy people

150g / 5oz plain flour
2 large eggs
350ml milk
190ml buttermilk
pinch of salt
1 tbsp vanilla extract
butter for frying

200g / 7oz strawberries – hulled and sliced
60g / 2oz hazelnuts – roughly bashed up a bit!
2 tbsp maple syrup

Preheat the oven to 180°c / 350°f  / gas mark 4

Mix together the strawberries, hazelnuts and maple syrup in a heat proof dish and roast in the oven for 20 minutes. Cover and keep to one side while you make the crepes.

While the strawberries are roasting, sift the flour into a large bowl, make a well. Combine the eggs & buttermilk and pour into the flour.

Whisk together, gradually adding the milk. The batter should be the consistency of runny cream.

Finally add a pinch of salt and the vanilla and stir.

Heat a frying pan on a highish heat – add a small knob of butter and allow to melt.

Add a ladle (about 125ml) of batter to pan – swirl it around.

Cook for about a minute, flip it over and the other side normally takes a little bit longer.

Turn out on a plate and while you cook the rest of the batter, pop the plate in a warm oven.

Makes roughly 8 crêpes.

To serve – pop them on a plate, top with some of the strawberries and eat ;-)

Lanhydrock, Cornwall - August 2012

Lanhydrock, Cornwall – August 2012

Fingers crossed all this talk of wet bank holidays will kick its butt and it’ll be sunny!

I’ve probably jinxed it again though *double jinx face*

What have you got planned for the long weekend?

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