Box Hill

Many years ago, a friend told me about the National Trusts Box Hill. I can’t remember exactly what she told me but I was excited by the prospect of countryside which was reachable by train from London with hills, woodland, stepping-stones, long grasses and views. Obviously I’d heard about Box Hill from Jane Austen’s Emma but I just thought it was another Pemberley (e.g not real!)

After many years of wanting to visit, finally at the beginning of the month with a backpack full of picnic treats we got the train from Victoria to Box Hill & Westhumble. It takes less than an hour and costs less than a tenner. We walked from the station through the village of Westhumble, noted there was a pub, followed a sign through an underpass, the signs stopped. We scratched our heads and then a friendly local directed us a few ways how to get in, which we completely ignored him and took a different path through a meadow! To be fair to the nice local, we used the information he gave us to get back to the station. 

We spent a good few hours, wandering through woods, trekking up hills, stopping for snacks, gazing at views but we only saw a small fraction of its 1’200 acres – lots more to discover on future trips.

These are some of the sites we saw…


Box Hill 1

Box Hill 2

Box Hill 3

Box Hill 4

Box Hill 5

Box Hill 6


Box Hill 7

Box Hill 8

Box Hill 9

Box Hill 10

Scones of course served the Cornish way. Spread the jam and dollop the cream!

Box Hill 11


Oh and P.S – the local pub (The Stepping Stones) was really rather lovely and served us well while we waited for the next train back to London.

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