September Summary

Let’s just quickly skip past the fact we are well into October by the time this post is being posted. *ahem*

I may be experiencing something of a bloggers block – something that seems to be contagious.

1. So in September I was 32.


2. And then I was 33.


Not much difference really!

3. So my birthday – I of course ate stuff. There was:

Pain au chocolat to kick me off.

Pain au Chocolat

Then Traditional Scotch Eggs & Welsh Rarebit from Carmelite Cafe.

Carmelite Cafe

Finishing with a Burger from our local, The Lord Tredegar.


The burger thing has the potential to become a bit of a birthday tradition – here is the burger I had last year, while in Paris at Blend.

Burger - Blend

4. Even though it rained all morning on my birthday, I actually ended up with rather lovely weather. Check this out. THE SUN!

The Shard

5. And of course I drank some gin – Bernie got me a bottle of Portobello Road which we mixed with Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic and I nearly died of happiness.

Portobello Road

6. This video happened and quickly became my favourite You Tube video OF. ALL. TIME. I particular love what happens at 02:08 and 02:50.

7. It’s boots season. So I got new ones. They make me very happy.


8. The other great thing to happen in September was the return of Masterchef Australia on Watch. I was apprehensive about its return, would it compare to season 4? Would I love the contestants as much as I loved Alice? Would everyone annoy me? Well, I can confirm I am hooked, I am also in love with many of the contestants and yes, there are some that really annoy me. AND oh my goodness, George is looking foxy this season – who knew?

masterchef au

9. Who else has become a GTA V widow? Days were wasted as Bernie drove around Los Santos – shooting planes from the sky, getting his haircut and saying words that he’d get a slap for in real life! Fun!

10. I will finish on a high note, I met one of my food heroes in September. The wonderful Deb Perelman from Smitten Kitchen was over in the UK promoting her book. I got tickets to an event run by Toast hosted by Niamh from Eat Like a Girl. I took my US copy of the book with me to be signed and naively thought I’d be unique, then she’d fall head over heels in love with me because of my obvious dedication. Sadly there were a lot of the US copies amongst us and she didn’t fall in love with me BUT she was as lovely as I expected her to be.

She demonstrated one of her recipes from the book, while Niamh asked questions about her blog. It was lovely to be in a room packed full of people who obviously all love her (apart from the couple sat behind us who chatted the whole time – but let’s not talk about them)

And the best thing was a handful of bloggers had made some of her cakes for us all to enjoy. I particular fell in love with a Grapefruit loaf cake that had been made by one of the founders of Toast.

And the other best thing was catching up with some of my favourite food bloggers – Steph & Hannah and seeing my real life friend Rupa too.


So that was September, I’m starting to hibernate now so just expect my October summary to be my top 10 favourite Masterchef moments so far.

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