Dear Leonard

The last couple of months have been tricky. You’ve been very unsettled at night and it’s not always been clear why. I’ve just had a text conversation with your Dad, asking if you woke in the night as I couldn’t remember – a good sign for sure! 

Apparently at 3 or 4am, you lay on his face. At 6.45am, you lay on my face – you also stuck a tiny finger up my nose. I’m now awake and you’re back asleep. 

By my calculations that means I had near on 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep or if I was interrupted I hardly noticed. 

People ask when we’ll stop co-sleeping and at the moment it’s still working. On the difficult nights it helps to have you right there but on the good nights it’s working too. 

Did I see myself as a co-sleeper before we had you? Absolutely not. But I’m very glad we made the decision early on to embrace it.

So here’s hoping last night marks the start of a period of settled sleep, it’ll make your Dad and me much nicer to each other if we get a good nights sleep. Even if you do find our bickering hilarious, you little weirdo! 

Love Mama x 


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