Our Allotment

Lenny Allotment

Last year we were lucky enough to be given an allotment plot, which we can see from our flat. The dream, right? But I’m ashamed to admit we didn’t really do much with it. The timing wasn’t on our side, Lenny was just that little bit too little, I had just started back at work and it was massively overgrown and simply just too overwhelming for us. We’d heard of people being on allotment waiting lists for years, so we really hadn’t expected to find ourselves with our own bit of land after just 6 months!

Fast forward to two weeks ago and a NOTICE TO REMEDY from the council – stating that we weren’t sticking to our side of the agreement and giving us 14 days to sort our shit out. We knew we’d regret it if we gave it up, so out came the gardening gloves and we showed that plot who was boss. We are completely clueless but armed with a few books and the knowledge of our helpful allotment neighbours we are hoping to muddle along enough that we start to learn something about this growing stuff malarkey.

Lenny is really loving pottering about but doesn’t really understand why he can’t play in the other beautifully kept allotments. But he’ll get it and so far he’s not minded (too much) the few times he’s face-planted the nettles!

I’m planning to keep a record here of our progress, what we learn and of course pictures. For those of you missing my baking, please bear with me I’m hoping the ‘Fruits of our labour’ will inspire my love of baking once more and get me out of my funk of only baking the tried and very well tested.

In the meantime here is a couple of before and now shots.

June 2015

June 2015

June 2015

June 2015

February 2016

February 2016

March 2016

March 2016


3 responses to “Our Allotment

  1. So excited to see a new post! I am so not green fingered and kill most plants but I’m very excited to see what you guys do with the space.

    (Love Lennys coat btw) xx

  2. Hiya – by chance myself, Emma and Sherm went to Mile End to catch up and walk around a bit only last week – I see you’re well out of there now! Good luck with the family.

  3. What an excellent endeavour! And it’s blooming hard to be creative in the kitchen and blog about it with a tiny one around. I look forward to seeing how your allotment grows, I’m planning some balcony beds this summer :)

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