About me

Well hello there, Welcome!

I am Roswen and this is my blog Roswensian.

Roswensian because that is my name – Roswen Sian.

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This blog was started back in September 2010, after a colleagues pestering got a little too much. Back then I’d just moved in with my boyfriend in Bow, East London and was enjoying cooking for the pair of us. My facebook page was endless pictures of cake, breakfasts and dinners as my confidence in cooking grew – hence the pestering colleague!

What started as a collection of recipes evolved to include my musings on weight loss and exercise, the occasional review and somewhere to showcase my photography. In 2014 the blog took a sabbatical as we purchased our first home in Eltham, South East London and created a tiny human to make us a family of three.

We’ve taken on an allotment, settling into our home and life in South East London, the blog will document our progress and the adventures we make, along with recipes, photography and general nonsense.

Thank you for stopping by.


Any products I mention on the blog where I haven’t clearly stated have been sent to me, you can trust that these are products that I personally use and love enough to share with you. On the occasion that products are sent to me, I will be honest with how they have come to me and my opinion of them. 

To discuss sponsored posts or products reviews please contact me ros.knight@gmail.com

All photos are my own, unless otherwise stated – Banner illustration by @daveyblackett

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