S’mores Brownies

I am in Love.

In love with a blog packed full of delicious recipes and bursting with beautiful pictures.

That blog is Joy the Baker

One of the things I love about Joy’s blog, photography, design and yumminess aside is her honesty and with that I bring you a slight failed attempt at recreating one of her recipes.

When I first spotted these brownies, I have to admit not having a clue what a S’more is. In case you too are clueless like me this is what I learnt from Wikipedia. S’mores are eaten around campfires in America and are basically a sandwich of biscuits (Graham Crackers) chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Heaven, right?

I set about making these wonderful treats – converted the quantities into metric and adapted it to fit my tray. I suspect that my tray was a little too small for the quantity I made, as they were exceptionally gooey, they also collapsed in the middle. The marshmallows are placed on top and toasted while baking but I also included some marshmallows within the brownies – I suspect that this also contributed to their gooeyness.

The recipe called for Graham Crackers which you will struggle to find in the UK, I used the last of the Speculaas biscuits I have leftover from Christmas but I’m sure you could use whatever biscuits you fancied. I also couldn’t resist adding some white chocolate chips and pecans. No idea why, as this just adds to the calories but they were sitting in the cupboard begging to be used. Of course by adding these extra ingredients I steered away from the simplicity of the S’more.

I am not going to include my failed adapted recipe but direct you to Joy’s recipe – here and I’ve made this handy conversion chart – here

I needed to chill mine overnight before I could even attempt to cut them. After I photographed them I forgot to put them back into the fridge, within a few hours the middles ones had turned incredibly gooey again.

The brown sugar and the marshmallows gave these brownies a butterscotch quality which was delicious and when (not if) I make these brownies again I will be using the correct sized tray.

Thankfully as baking disasters go this wasn’t my worst (That will always be reserved for pesky Macaroons) These were still edible, if a little messy and really did taste divine but they weren’t suitable for public consumption – I was worried that the gooeyness meant they weren’t fully cooked through.

I hope my disaster hasn’t put you off from trying these yourself.

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